The Michigan State University School of Journalism invites prospective students and their parents to visit us to learn more about our exciting curriculum, meet our faculty and tour our facilities. This is a free event for you and your parents.

This event is hosted in partnership with the Michigan Interscholastic Press Association.

Please note: Students should attend this event with a parent or guardian. If you have questions, please call us at 517-353-6761 or email [email protected]

Location Communication Arts & Sciences Building
Michigan State University
404 Wilson Road
East Lansing MI 48824

Hosted By School of Journalism at Michigan State University

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November 30, 2018
9:00 AM - 12:30 PM
Student & Parent Registration $0.00


Advisers: Please register your students as a group and do not allow students to individually fill out the registration form. If your students are paying separately to attend the conference, we ask that you collect those payments and make one single payment to MIPA to streamline the registration process for our 2,000 attendees.

We strongly encourage advisers to join us for the Adviser Luncheon. It’s an important time to network with other student media advisers and share resources.

Payment is due to MIPA by Oct. 15 to receive the discounted rate. Cancellations must be received by 5 p.m. on this date to receive a refund. Early discount registrations are nonrefundable after this date.

Please review our event policies. It is understood that by the act of registering students for an event, advisers assume responsibility for their students’ behavior and well-being during a MIPA activity.

Chaperones who do not attend sessions or event activities do not need to register.

Location Lansing Center
333 E. Michigan Ave.
Lansing MI 48933

Hosted By Michigan Interscholastic Press Association

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October 22, 2018
Student: MIPA Member (Payment due by 10/15; Nonrefundable after Oct. 15) $12.00
Student: (Payment due by 10/15; Nonrefundable after Oct. 15) $14.00
Student: MIPA Member $13.00
Student: Non-Member $15.00
Adviser: MIPA Member - No Lunch $13.00
Adviser: Member - with Lunch (chicken) $25.00
Adviser: Member - with Lunch (vegetarian) $25.00
Adviser: Non-Member - No Lunch $15.00
Adviser: Non-Member - with Lunch (chicken) $30.00
Adviser: Non-Member - with Lunch (vegetarian) $30.00
Speaker (vegetarian) $0.00
Speaker (chicken) $0.00
Speaker (No Lunch) $0.00
Chaperone (member school) attending sessions $13.00
Chaperone (non-member school) attending sessions $15.00
General Admission $50.00