This workshop class has been discontinued

We all know what it takes to support a student media outlet or other school organization — money! And we’ve also got the tactics and successful business management practices you can use to make money for your student organization. Whether you’re the business manager, an ad designer or interested in pursuing your own business ventures, this class is for you!


Money Matters – Instructor: TBA  |  Learn about MIPA’s instructors

  • Business practices for online or print product
  • Marketing, publicity and branding
  • Using social media to promote your product and generate revenue
  • Develop fundraisers and get freebies for your staff
  • Ad sales, budgeting & pricing
  • Ad design for print and online
  • Organizing & motivating a sales force

Are you an experienced member of your student media staff or just graduated from high school?

You might be interested in joining the staff of The Upstart, MIPA’s workshop student media outlet. Get great hands-on experience and learn the latest trends in journalism.