There’s more to taking great photos than having a nice camera! Develop your photography skills, learn about about your camera settings or take what you already  know to the next level with MIPA’s photojournalism classes. Students should bring their own cameras. Immerse yourself in one of these MIPA Summer Journalism Workshop courses:

Beyond the Basics

Beyond the Basics – Instructor: Julie Price  |  Learn about MIPA’s instructors

  • Designed for beginning photographers
  • Learn tips and tricks regarding photo content, composition and lighting
  • Write captions that complement and describe your images when published
  • Technical photographic content includes automatic shooting modes and manual camera controls
  • Students will be introduced to the basics of digital workflow and image preparation processes
  • Camera requirement (camera is not provided): Digital point & shoot or SLR camera with automatic or manual controls.


Shoot Like a Pro

Shoot Like a Pro – Instructors: Michael Caterina & Ike Lea  |  Learn about MIPA’s instructors

  • Aimed at experienced staff photographers
  • Concentration on in-depth manual digital SLR camera controls and how to get the most from your expensive equipment
  • Practice shooting in challenging situations like classrooms, auditoriums, gyms, football stadiums, dances, etc. (natural & flash lighting, low light, varied/mixed lighting)
  • Learn how to shoot like a storyteller to create packaging and themes in your publications
  • Learn how to use professional software (Photoshop and Lightroom) to work with a variety of file formats (Camera, RAW, .tif, .jpg, .psd)
  • Work on information gathering skills to write informative captions
  • Camera requirement (camera is not provided): Digital SLR with manual shutter & f-stop/aperture capabilities


Sports Photography

Sports Photography – Instructor: Tim Morley  |  Learn about MIPA’s instructors

  • Offered to experienced staff photographers with a strong interest in shooting various sports activities
  • Understand your role in communicating with key people, gaining access to events, proper planning, sideline behavior and professionalism
  • Gain a deep understanding of camera bodies, lenses, speed, motion, stop action, blur & more
  • Gain valuable insight into the rules of the game in order to better anticipate the action
  • Camera requirement (camera is not provided): Digital SLR with manual shutter & f-stop/aperture capabilities


Are you an experienced member of your student media staff or just graduated from high school?

You might be interested in joining the staff of The Upstart, MIPA’s workshop student media outlet. Get great hands-on experience and learn the latest trends in journalism.