Advisers: Submit your student designees to MIPA


The MIPA All-State Student Advisory Cohort connects student journalists around the state for collaborative work around journalism and serves as the student voice of the MIPA organization.

Advisers may select two delegates from each MIPA member student media outlet to join this group of engaged student journalists. The Student Advisory Cohort will meet in person at Fall Conference and via digital tools throughout the school year.


The Student Advisory Cohort provides leadership, networking and activism through collaborative modes for student journalists around the state.


  • Elizabeth Cyr, Stockbridge High School
  • Jamie Flanagan, Fraser High School
  • Christina Hammitt, Charyl Stockwell Preparatory Academy


  • Video podcast discussions with Student Advisory Cohort to offer help and leadership to other students
  • Twitter chat once per month in a Q&A. The first session will be designed to gather topics of interest from Student Advisory Cohort
  • GroupMe of Student Advisory Cohort for quick answers and networking on the spot
  • Student exchange visits between schools to learn from other journalism programs
  • Advisory Cohort in-person meet ups will take place at the fall conference, spring conference and informally at national conferences and other selected dates throughout the year


Inexperienced staffs can get help from those staffers who know how to prepare a Golden Pen nomination

Through student collaboration, Advisory Cohort will share ideas about topics of interest: pitching story ideas, finding better angles, working with principals who are not pro journalism, making FOIA requests, finding good sources


Advisory Cohort members will participate in MIPA Snapchat takeover as well as other MIPA social media outlets

The group will act as the student voice of MIPA on matters of interest


  • Student members must receive a recommendation from their adviser to join Advisory Cohort
  • Student members will be required to participate in cohort activities to be recognized as All-State
  • Student members who complete requirements will be recognized at spring conference
  • Student members will be given free T-shirts for participation
  • Student members will have the All-State recognition for their college applications