Submit for a Re-Evaluation

Spartan Re-Evaluations

Your Spartan critique is completed by an out-of-state judge who has built a national reputation for excellence in his or her own program. While judges are asked to apply a standard set of guidelines created by MIPA, these critiques represent the opinions and expertise of a single person. Sometimes that person gets it wrong.

Because of this limitation, MIPA allows the adviser of a newspaper, yearbook or video production to request a re-evaluation within six months of receiving results. (Because of the ever-changing nature of websites, unfortunately, we are unable to do a re-evaluation of a news website.)

After thoroughly reviewing your critique, if you wish to have your students’ work re-evaluated, the fee is $45. You must send in the same item(s) that were used in the original critique. We have your original Spartan application form, including your adviser statement, on file in the MIPA office. Newspaper and Yearbook members will need to send new copies of your publication to be critiqued. Annotated critiques are not available for re-evaluations.

Your entry will be sent to a different judge for another critique. The new judge will not receive the critique booklet completed by the first judge or be given any information about how your previous critique was scored.

Before you decide to continue the appeals process, please make sure that you have read the judge’s comments carefully and given a second reading several days later to ensure an objective decision. Please be aware that this process may take up to eight weeks to be completed, depending on the availability of judges. If you get a lower rating the second time, the higher rating will stand.

The completed re-evaluation critique booklet will be sent to you electronically once the MIPA office recieves it from the new judge. If you want your publication returned, please send a postage-paid (NO STAMPS ALLOWED), self-addressed mailer with your entry.

If the new judge gives your publication a higher rating, you may have your new award mailed to you for an additional postage and handling fee or you may pick it up at the MIPA office or at one of our events.


  • Please provide a memo describing why you would like a re-evaluation. We use this information to help evaluate our pool of Spartan judges. If you have a significant concern with your original Spartan critique, please contact MIPA Executive Director Jeremy Steele at [email protected] or 517-353-6761. We want to know if our judges are not meeting MIPA’s high standards.
  • Newspapers & Yearbooks: Please download this form (PDF) and mail it with your publication for re-evaluation to the MIPA office.
  • Video Productions: Complete the below form.

Please make checks payable to MIPA or pay with a credit card online. Mail your items to be rejudged to:

MIPA — Spartan Re-Evaluation
MSU School of Journalism
404 Wilson Road, Room 305
East Lansing, MI 48824