Here’s a tentative look at some of the sessions we’re planning for the 2012 MIPA Middle School Conference on Nov. 1 at the MSU Union. We’ll be updating and adding to this list as we finalize the event schedule. Do you see a problem with something in this list? Email us at [email protected] or call 517-353-6761.

Session Key

N = Newspaper
Y = Yearbook
VJ = Video/Broadcast Journalism
P = Photo
E = Everyone
A = Advisers

Telling News Stories Visually (E)

Learn how to incorporate visual elements into your stories. Embed maps and video on your websites and blogs.
Karl Gude, MSU School of Journalism

Drawing 3D Stuff (E)

Look at what you can do on a computer with some free software. You’ll be amazed.
Karl Gude, MSU School of Journalism

Captions That Rock! (N, Y)

Everybody reads captions. So take care to write them well. What’s the secret? This session will show you. By the time you leave, you’ll be writing strong, story-telling captions.
Pam Bunka, Adviser, Fenton HS

Hit Me With Your Best Shot (P)

Basic photo tips, composition, gathering info and people watching!
Paula Turner, PT Images

Taking Better Sports Photos (P)

Learn the basics of getting a great shot when someone is moving FAST!
Paula Turner, PT Images

Photos for Publication (P)

Need to print a photo instead of putting it on Facebook? There are definitely some differences, and you need to know about them.
Craig Talsma, Balfour Yearbooks

Leading off Strong (N)

How strong leads can create reader interest and introduce your angle.
Corey Ernst, Brownell MS

Recipe for Making a Story (N)

Writing a story is like making a cake. You need some ingredients. What are they? Come find out in this session.
Corey Ernst, Brownell MS

Red, Yellow, Green: A Game (E)

Play this fun ethics game and learn how to handle situations that come up in your school.
Joe Grimm, MSU School of Journalism

Everybody has opinions. Make yours matter (N)

You’ve got an opinion. But do you know how to convince others to share your view? Learn what it takes to put together editorials and columns.
Ron Dzwonkowski, Detroit Free Press (retired)

Entertainment Writing 101 (N)

Entertainment reporters get to do a lot of cool things. But there’s more to the job than just listening to the latest music or watching new movies. Learn what it takes to write an intelligent review.
William Ketchum III, Freelance Entertainment Journalist

Interviewing 101 (E)

Learn how to put your curiosity to use by asking the right questions. This veteran reporter will teach you want it takes to conduct an interview.
Kathleen Lavey, Lansing State Journal

Just Tweet It (E)

You use social media to talk to you friends, but do you know how to use social media as a journalist? Turn your Twitter account into a news wire to cover school events and sports.
Emilia Askari, University of Michigan

Tips for Creating a News Video (V)

Learn valuable tips to help you shoot and edit great videos for your school.

Adviser Talk (A)

Let’s talk. Ask a question, get an answer.