We know you will have a great experience at MIPA events, but we do have some policies we need to enforce to make sure our activities are enjoyable and safe for everyone. (We have a separate set of policies for the MIPA Summer Journalism Workshop.)

Advisers, chaperones and students should review the following items together to ensure that you understand them. It is understood that by the act of registering students for an event, advisers assume responsibility for their students’ behavior and well-being during a MIPA activity.

Cancellations & Refunds

Cancellations must be received by the posted deadline to receive a refund — this includes all student registrations at the early discount rate.

Participants who register, do not cancel and do not appear at an event will not receive a refund. Participants who are sent home early for any reason will not receive a refund.


Students must be under the supervision of their adviser and/or other school-approved chaperones to attend MIPA programs during the school year (including the Fall Conference, One Day Workshop, Spring Awards and similar events). Chaperones should remain on site for the duration of the event to provide supervision of the students in their care. Chaperones who participate in event programming should pay a registration fee (this includes attending sessions or awards presentations), unless providing assistance to students with special needs. Please contact the MIPA office with questions.

Chaperones should recognize that they and their schools will be held liable for any damage to facilities incurred by students under their supervision.

Advisers and chaperones should create a system to monitor and ensure student participation in scheduled activities.

Appropriate Behavior

Participants or delegations who engage in any of these or any other behaviors that endanger the health, safety and well-being of event attendees will be sent home immediately at their own expense and all fees will be forfeited:

  • Possession or use alcohol, illegal drugs, fireworks, guns or weapons. Smoking is prohibited in all MIPA event facilities.
  • Damage to university, conference facility or personal property. Schools/parents will be financially responsible for such damage.
  • Hazing and bullying (physical, verbal or cyber-bullying)
  • Violence of any kind
  • Harassment of participants or staff
  • Excessive noise, horseplay or misuse of or reckless behavior on elevators, escalators or stairways
  • Disruption of programming and activities

Students should attend scheduled activities. Advisers and chaperones should create a system to monitor and ensure student participation in scheduled activities.

When outside a MIPA event facility, travel in groups. Your personal safety is our concern. Please note that most MIPA events are open to the public.

Medical Emergencies & Special Needs

Please contact the MIPA office if you or a student have a special need. Professional aids and chaperones providing assistance to students with special needs do not need to pay registration fees, but should pay for meals or additional services.

Students are under the care and supervision of their school-approved advisers and chaperones. Neither MIPA nor event facility staff can provide medical treatment. In the event of an emergency, call 9-1-1. Participants needing emergency medical care will be transported to a medical facility via ambulance. A basic first-aid kit is available on site for minor issues.

Advisers and chaperones should have a plan in place in the event of an emergency. Schools should have appropriate field trip permission forms and medical care authorization forms on file before participants attend a MIPA event. Students with a life-threatening allergy or health issue should carry prescribed medications or devices (such as an epi-pen or asthma inhaler) with them at all times during the program. MIPA cannot store or administer medications.

In the event of an emergency, MIPA staff will assist advisers, chaperones and/or students in contacting their school for additional support.

Lost or Stolen Items

We will not be held responsible for lost or stolen items, such as cameras, cellphones, iPods, computers, etc. Please make sure you have adequate insurance coverage. If you lose an item, you may contact the following for information on lost and found items:

  • MIPA office: 517-353-6761
  • Lansing Center: 517-483-7400
  • MSU Union: 517-355-3464

Be Aware: Journalists Are Working Here!

Please be aware that participants may be interviewed, photographed or videotaped for class assignments and/or as part of coverage of MIPA activities by our staff for promotional materials. The resulting work may be published for educational purposes and to promote MIPA and MSU activities.