MIPA’s executive board sets policy and direction of the organization. The board includes elected officers (president, first vice president, second vice president, secretary, treasurer, four trustees and the immediate past president), and chairpersons of standing media committees (Newspaper, Yearbook, Video and Digital Media). All officers are elected by the membership for two-year terms. The immediate past president serves a one-year term following the end of his or her two-year term as president. MIPA also has several advisory committees that help do the work of the association and advise the board. Committee chairs are appointed by MIPA’s president, with approval by the board.

2017-18 Executive Board

Elected Officers


Shari Adwers

First Vice President

Ava Butzu

Second Vice President

Kaitlin Edgerton


Marilyn Hess


Betsy van der Zee


Elizabeth Cyr


Libby Held


Tim Morley


Stephanie Orth

Standing Committee Chairs

Newspaper Chair

C.E. Sikkenga

Yearbook Chair

Pam Bunka

Broadcast/Video Chair

Roger Smith

Digital Media Chair

Jamie Flanagan


Advisory Committees

Membership & Recognition Chair

Christina Hammitt

JEA Michigan State Director

C.E. Sikkenga



Executive Director

Jeremy W. Steele

Summer Workshop Director

Chad Sanders

Summer Workshop Assistant Director

Sara-Beth Badalamente