Congratulations to the winners of the 2013 MIPA Middle School Conference Carry-In Contest. Winning entries were published in 2013 and submitted by schools when they arrived at the Middle School Conference on Nov. 7 at the MSU Union. Nearly 200 student journalists from across the state attended the event.

Newspaper Best Feature Story

  • First Place: Amar Hamadae, Unis MS
  • Second Place: Zanib Hammoud, Unis MS
  • Third Place: Rachel Harris, Alyssa Kafarski & Bridget Sanford, Brownell MS

Newspaper Best Photograph

  • First Place: Cassandra Herman, Sturgis MS
  • Second Place: Brookelyn Wheeler, Sturgis MS
  • Third Place: Mariam Baydoun, Unis MS

Newspaper Best Page Design

  • First Place: Alex Harring, Brownell MS
  • Second Place: Emma Boland, Sturgis MS
  • Third Place: Madisyn Prichard, Sturgis MS

Yearbook Best Caption

  • First Place: Maddison Allan, Sturgis MS
  • Second Place: Ali Burk, Sturgis MS
  • Third Place: Mackenzie Claar, Sturgis MS

Yearbook Best Photograph

  • First Place: Ali Burk, Sturgis MS
  • Second Place: Katherine King, Sturgis MS

Yearbook Best Two-Page Spread

  • First Place: Brookelyn Wheeler, Sturgis MS
  • Second Place: Dynasia Tran, Sturgis MS