Here’s a look at the sessions we’re planning for the 2013 MIPA Middle School Conference on Nov. 7. Attendees will get a print program upon arrival listing all of these sessions and where they will be held.

Conference Schedule

  • Opening Session: 9-9:30 a.m.
  • Breakout Sessions: 9:40-10:15 a.m.
  • Breakout Sessions: 10:25-11 a.m.
  • Breakout Sessions: 11:10-11:45 a.m.
  • Awards Presentation: 11:45 a.m.-Noon

Session Key

N = Newspaper
Y = Yearbook
V = Video/Broadcast
P= Photo
A = Advisers

Sessions planned for the 2013 Middle School Conference

Alternative Story Forms ROCK (N, Y)

Learn how to get your readers to read what you’ve written! AFS are the latest and best thing going.
Sara-Beth O’Connor, Grand Ledge HS

Mind Your Manners (E)

Journalists should have manners. But they might be different from what your parents taught you. Have fun learning them!
Sara-Beth O’Connor, Grand Ledge HS

5 Ways to Take Better Photos (E)

Lots of people have good cameras nowadays, but that doesn’t guarantee you’ll get good photos. Here are some tips to help.
Joe Grimm, MSU School of Journalism

Get People to Tell You Their Secrets (E)

Being a journalist is permission to ask all kinds of questions. But you’ve got to learn how to ask the right questions to get people to tell you what’s really going on.
Joe Grimm, MSU School of Journalism

Google Better (E)

You can get the answer to just about anything on the Internet. But how do you know what to trust? And how can you find those answers faster?
Joe Grimm, MSU School of Journalism

Get that Interview on Video! (V)

Putting together a video story starts with the interview. Get tips on how to shoot a great interview and take your broadcast or Web videos to the next level!
Jody Mackey, Traverse City East MS

Writing With Your Senses (N,Y)

Good writing should appeal to one or more of our five senses. Learn some techniques to help make your writing come alive.
Joy Visconti, Detroit Free Press 

Leading off Strong (N)

Take those dull leads and create one that will grab your readers’ interest and make them want to keep reading!
Corey Ernst, Brownell MS

Recipe for Making a Story (N)

Writing a story is like making a cake. You need some ingredients. What are they? Come find out in this session.
Edward Cardenas,

How to Draw Stuff (E)

Sometimes you need a good illustration for your story. Learn techniques on how to draw from an infographic artist.
Karl Gude, MSU School of Journalism

Captions: As Easy as 1, 2, 3 (P, Y, N)

Every photo needs a caption. Here’s what you need to know to make sure every caption has all the information it needs.
Craig Talsma, Yearbook Representative

Photo Awesomeness (P, Y, N)

Learn the methods the pros use to take great publication photos in this fast-paced, interactive session.
Craig Talsma, Yearbook Representative

Tell the Story With Video (V)

Telling a story with video is easy if you know the essential parts of a story. Get ideas and tips from some great examples.
Bob Gould, MSU School of Journalism

Adviser Talk (Advisers)

Let’s talk. Ask a question, get an answer.
Jody Mackey, Traverse City East MS & MIPA Middle School Chair