The Sparty Award is the highest honor given to students at the MIPA Summer Journalism Workshop. Below are the 2013 Sparty winners. Download photos of these students

Alex Murray, L’Anse Creuse HS North
Advanced InDesign for Yearbook
“That ONE in a Crowd”

Alexis Kelly, Fenton HS
Shoot Like a Pro

Ashley Powell, Rochester HS
Creative Illustration Techniques
“Visual Excellence”

Avery Cook, Lakota East HS
You’re Designing the Newspaper
“Best Overall Design”

Brian Fogel, Lakota East HS
From Covering to Publishing
“Best Overall Portfolio”

Brianne Twiddy, Woodhaven HS
Feature Coverage

Caitlin Heenan, Fenton HS
Opinion Coverage
“Outstanding Work in Opinion Coverage”

Caitlyn Theis, St Johns HS
Yearbook Editors in Chief
“Amazing Yearbook Editor-In-Chief”

Camille Douglas, Rochester HS
Advanced InDesign for Newspaper
“Excellence in Design Portfolio”

Camille Willbrandt, Plainwell HS
InDesign for Newspaper

Chloe Kosinski, Lapeer County Ed-Tech
Smile, You’re on Camera

Danielle Kullman, Rochester HS
Illustrator & Information Graphics
“Most Creative Approach to Infographics”

Delaney Davies & Sierra Kintigh, Bellaire HS
Taking Your Yearbook to the Edge

Eleanor Alexander, Olivet HS
Writing & Designing the Newspaper
“Journalism Excellence”

Haley Kluge, Grand Ledge HS
The Upstart Staff
“Excellence in Multimedia Journalism”

Hannah Gebstadt, Waterford Kettering HS
Beyond the Basics

Lauren Boyd, Rochester HS
Yearbook Section Editors
“Section Editor Leadership”

Matthew Cox, Pioneer HS
Sports Coverage
“Excellence in Sports Coverage”

Megan Remer, Lake Orion HS
The Complete Yearbook
“All Around Excellence”

Newspaper Editors Class of MIPA 2013
“Editorial Leadership”

Rachel Eaton, Lake Orion HS
Sports Photography

Regina Chen, Stoney Creek HS
The Bobby Hawthorne Experience
“Consistent Excellence in Writing”

Sean Vichinsky, Divine Child HS
Entertainment Coverage

Simon Sun, Stoney Creek HS
The Bobby Hawthorne Experience
“Consistent Excellence in Writing”

The Hawkeye Team, Bloomfield Hills HS
Taking your Newspaper to the Edge

The Quest, L’Anse Creuse HS North
Ultimate Yearbook Experience
“Theme Packet Design”

The Tower Team, Grosse Pointe South HS
Taking your Newspaper to the Edge