2014 Sparty Winner

The Sparty Award is the highest honor given to students at the MIPA Summer Journalism Workshop. Below are the 2014 Sparty winners. Download photos of these students

Emily St. Amour, Lakota East HS
Advanced InDesign for Newspaper
“Advanced InDesign Excellence”

Isabella Beachnau, Grand Ledge HS
Advanced Yearbook Design
“Most Advanced Designer”

Sarah Porritt, Lake Orion HS
Beyond the Basics
“Best Overall Portfolio”

Lauren Pankin, Grosse Pointe South HS
The Bobby Hawthorne Experience
“Extraordinary Reporting and Writing”

Aelish Shay, Midland HS
The Bobby Hawthorne Experience
“Extraordinary Reporting and Writing”

Michelle Demo, Midland HS
Creative Illustration Techniques
“Creative Illustration Techniques”

Ashley Tjhung, Rochester Adams HS
Digital Storytelling
“Excellence in Digital Storytelling”

Matthew Schulte, Grosse Pointe South HS
Entertainment Coverage
“Entertaining Entertainer”

Kayla Cockrel, Cass Tech HS
Feature Coverage
“Feature Coverage”

Miranda Konja, North Farmington HS
From Covering to Publishing
“Best Overall Portfolio”

Lilly Blake, Mercy HS
InDesign for Newspaper
“Ready to Design like a Pro”

Deven Bernier, Lake Orion HS
Money Matters
“Money Masters”

Jackie Whitus, Lake Orion HS
Money Matters
“Money Masters”

News Editors
News Editors
“Editorial Leadership”

Sean Vichinsky, Divine Child HS
Opinion Coverage
“Opinion Coverage”

Makenzie Cool, Fenton HS
Shoot Like A Pro
“Shoot Like a Pro”

Alex Rakowski, Mona Shores HS
Smile, You’re on Camera
“Most Spectacular On-Air Talent (& Attitude)”

Jasmyn Pearl, Lakota East HS
Sports Coverage
“110% Effort in Sports Coverage”

Nick McCormack, Lake Orion HS
Sports Photography
“Sports Photography”

Robert Swetlic, South Lake HS
Taking Your Newspaper to the Edge
“Edgiest Transformation”

Maitreyi Anantharaman & Narmeen Rehman, Bloomfield Hills HS
Taking Your Newspaper to the Edge
“Edgiest Work”

Sarah Kozubiak, Kaitlyn Lathrop, Kristen Mezser & Nicole Mezser, Eisenhower HS
Taking Your Yearbook to the Edge
“Best Theme Development”

Megan Pisarczyk, H.H. Dow HS
The Upstart
“Excellence in Digital Journalism”

Reagan Maisch, Dexter HS
Writing & Designing the News
“Pulitzer Pen”

Megan Falk, Troy HS
Yearbook Editors-in-Chief
“Best Theme Package”

Celia Walkowicz, Haslett HS
Yearbook Kickstart
“Kickstarter Award”

Molly Schwalm, Mercy HS
You’re Designing the Newspaper
“Best Body of Work”