Kendall Ashman
Kendall Ashman, Lake Orion High School
Makenzie Cool
Mackenzie Cool, Fenton High School
Madeline Halpert
Madeline Halpert, Ann Arbor Community High School
Caitlin Heenan
Caitlin Heenan, Fenton High School
Darby Hopper
Darby Hopper, Okemos High School
Danielle Kullmann
Danielle Kullmann, Rochester High School
Sarah Lawrence
Sarah Lawrence, Fenton High School
Natalie Nohr
Natalie Nohr, Quincy High School
Narmeen Rehman,
Bloomfield Hills High School
Sydney Schneider
Sydney Schneider, Laingsburg High School
Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith, Davison High School
Simon Sun
Simon Sun, Stoney Creek High School
Alissa Szandzik
Alissa Szandzik, Utica High School
Madelyn Wheelock
Madelyn Wheelock, Midland High School
Megan Yarberry
Megan Yarberry, Novi High School
Courtney Zhu
Courtney Zhu, Midland High School

The Michigan Interscholastic Press Association today honored 16 outstanding high school seniors as members of its 2015 Student Journalist Staff.

The students — who represent the state’s top journalists among scholastic media outlets — were honored at MIPA’s Spring Awards and On-Site Contests at the Lansing Center in Lansing.

Graduating seniors chosen for the Student Journalist Staff submit a portfolio of their work that is judged by a committee of student media advisers.

“This is our all-state team of student journalists,” said Jeremy Steele, executive director of MIPA and a faculty member in the Michigan State University School of Journalism. “The work these students have produced is impressive and is more proof of the value of student-led journalism in our schools.

“Regardless of their career paths, journalism is uniquely positioned to prepare students to be college- and career-ready thanks to its practical application of writing skills, strong research skills, real-world use of technology and civic engagement.”

MIPA also recognized six members of the Student Journalist Staff as All-MIPA Award recipients, the organization’s highest honor for student journalists. These journalists represent the top students in their field for News Design, News Writing & Reporting, Photojournalism, Video, Yearbook and Multiplatform journalism.

Members of the 2015 Student Journalist Staff are:

  • Kendall Ashman, of Lake Orion, Lake Orion High School (Multiplatform)
  • Makenzie Cool, of Fenton, Fenton High School (Photojournalism)
  • Madeline Halpert, of Ann Arbor, Community High School (News Writing & Reporting) — All-MIPA
  • Caitlin Heenan, of Fenton, Fenton High School (News Writing & Reporting)
  • Darby Hopper, of Okemos, Okemos High School (News Writing & Reporting)
  • Danielle Kullmann, of Rochester Hills, Rochester High School (News Design) — All-MIPA
  • Sarah Lawrence, of Fenton, Fenton High School (Yearbook) — All-MIPA
  • Natalie Nohr, of Quincy, Quincy High School (News Writing & Reporting)
  • Narmeen Rehman, of Bloomfield Hills, Bloomfield Hills High School (News Design)
  • Sydney Schneider, of Laingsburg, Laingsburg High School (News Writing & Reporting)
  • Matthew Smith, of Davison, Davison High School (Video) — All-MIPA
  • Simon Sun, of Rochester Hills, Stoney Creek High School (News Design)
  • Alissa Szandzik, of Macomb, Utica High School (Yearbook)
  • Madelyn Wheelock, of Midland, Midland High School (News Writing & Reporting)
  • Megan Yarberry, of Novi, Novi High School (Photojournalism) — All-MIPA
  • Courtney Zhu, of Bloomfield Hills, Bloomfield Hills High School (Multiplatform) — All-MIPA

In addition, MIPA selected Danielle Kullmann of Rochester High School to be Michigan’s representative in the national Journalism Education Association Student Journalist of the Year content. Each state can submit the portfolio of one student journalist to the prestigious contest.


Founded in 1921 and housed in the Michigan State University School of Journalism, the Michigan Interscholastic Press Association is a nonprofit organization composed of scholastic journalism teachers and publications advisers and their students. MIPA is committed to promoting and recognizing excellence in scholastic journalism at all levels through education, training and support of student journalists and their advisers.