Michigan State University rules require all individuals who have unsupervised contact with minors at a campus youth program pass a criminal background check within 12 months of the program. All individuals interested in working for the MIPA Summer Journalism Workshop must successfully complete this check before they will be considered for employment.

Please download and complete the Youth Program Criminal Background Check (CBC) Authorization Form (PDF). Sign the form and return it using one of the below methods:

  • Use the Sign & Certify tool in Adobe Acrobat to create a digital signature. The document should have a stamp showing it was digitally signed. Email the form directly to [email protected] Please copy [email protected] on this email.
  • Type your name in the signature box and email the form directly to [email protected] from the email you entered on the form. Please copy [email protected] on this email.
  • Take a very clear photograph of the signed form with your cellphone. Send this form to [email protected] so that we can review it and optimize the file for use by MSU’s HR department.
  • Print and sign a paper copy of the form. Mail or fax it directly to MIPA, and we will pass it on to MSU’s HR department:

404 Wilson Road, Room 305
East Lansing, MI 48824

Fax: 517-355-7710

You can view Michigan State University’s requirements for youth programs here.