The Upstart


Be a part of The Upstart, MIPA’s summer workshop student media outlet.

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This is your hands-on opportunity to move your publication online. Think of this class as an intensive bootcamp for new media Students will immerse themselves in the MIPA experience by using all the new media tools they can handle to cover as many of the workshop’s day-to-day events as they can. Students will…

  • Learn to build an effective online production cycle while balancing it with their print publication
  • Use social media and web to promote work & reach a larger- scale audience
  • Prepare themselves for the demands of online writing
  • Utilize live tweets, blogging & other social media outlets
  • Learn the differences between online & print writing
  • Develop news & feature video packages that tell a story
  • Practice & improve video & editing skills
  • Use interviews, create b-roll & add narration to a story package
  • Use in-depth storytelling techniques to capture the subject & captivate an audience
  • Upload stories to video sites such as YouTube & Vimeo.