JRN 809, Section 730
Three Credits

You’re running a small business, you know. And you never really thought that’s what you’d be doing. You just like journalism. You try to avoid math at all costs. “The Business Side of Scholastic Journalism” is a three-credit* grad class taught by Betsy Pollard Rau that will help you make sense of all the business management stuff you need to know. You’ll learn how to make money, manage your accounts, choose and work with your printer, incorporate sound marketing principles, acquire more advertising dollars and more.

Assignments include weekly discussions, creating a budget, writing a grant and bidding out a printer and more.

Textbook: Made to Stick, by Chip Heath and Dan Heath. Available at Amazon.com. Students will also need to have the software Quicken on their computer.

Class starts Sept. 24 and ends Dec. 14. To register or for more information, please email Cheryl Pell, scholastic journalism course coordinator for MSU’s School of Journalism, or call (517) 884-4487.

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Tuition Fees Per Credit Hour

*Interested in taking this class for no credit? Please contact Cheryl Pell.

Your instructor will be Betsy Pollard Rau. Rau advised the nationally acclaimed Update at H.H. Dow High School in Midland, Mich, and was the director of the MIPA Summer Journalism Workshop for 19 years. She speaks and teaches all over the country and is an instructor at Central Michigan University.