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  • Elections: Monday, April 15, 2013, at MIPA’s Spring Conference
  • Deadline to Declare Candidacy: Friday, April 5, 2013
  • Fill Out This Form to Run for MIPA’s BoardWe’ll ask you for some information about yourself and a photo we can publish on MIPA’s website so that our members can learn about the candidates before the Spring Conference election.

Have you ever thought about being more active in MIPA? Consider running for an open seat on MIPA’s executive board.

Being on the board is a great chance to learn more about scholastic journalism and to become a part of the decision-making process when it comes to conferences, workshops, contests and other MIPA programs.

Four MIPA executive board positions are open this year:  second vice president, secretary, treasurer and trustee. More information about these positions is included below.

Each of these positions are two-year commitments. MIPA’s volunteer board generally meets six times per academic year on Saturdays in East Lansing (MIPA’s bylaws require board members to attend least four of those meetings to continue in their positions). Meetings typically are held in September, October, December, January, late February/early March (this is a Friday evening meeting immediately before MIPA’s annual Saturday Judging Day) and May. The next year’s meeting schedule is typically set by the president by May.

Please consider running. We know everyone is busy, but this might just be the time for you to get active at the state level in an organization that serves students and teachers all over Michigan.

2013 Open Positions on MIPA’s Board

MIPA’s executive board sets policy and direction of the organization. The board includes elected officers (president, first vice president, second vice president, secretary, treasurer and three trustees), the immediate past president and chairpersons of standing committees. All officers are elected for two-year terms. The executive director is an ex-officio (non-voting) member of the board. The current board can be found here.

All members of MIPA’s board play a critical role in ensuring the organization meets the needs of its members and that MIPA’s activities fulfill its mission to promote and enhance scholastic journalism in the state. All elected officers must be current teachers/advisers and must be MIPA members. See MIPA’s bylaws for more information about these positions and the role of MIPA’s board.

Here’s a look at the role of each of elected officer positions up for election this year:

Second Vice President

MIPA’s bylaws state that the second vice president “shall assist the President and Vice President as warranted.” This work may vary from time to time, and generally includes similar duties as those carried out by MIPA’s trustees. Run for this position


MIPA’s bylaws state that the secretary “shall maintain files and records of the Corporation and keep them under supervision and control and will provide minutes to board members prior to each board meeting.” This job includes taking minutes of MIPA’s board meetings and ensuring those minutes are available for board review before its next meeting. Run for this position


The main role of MIPA’s treasurer is to watch over the financial health of the organization. According to the bylaws, the treasurer will: “(a) have charge and custody over corporate funds and securities; (b) keep accurate books and records of corporate receipts and disbursements; (c) deposit all moneys and securities received by the Corporation at such depositories in the Corporation’s name that may be designated by the Executive Board; (d) complete all required corporate filings; and (e) perform all duties incident to the office and other duties assigned by the president or the Executive Board.” The bylaws also say that the treasurer may delegate some of these duties to the executive director. In practice, all bookkeeping is handled by MIPA’s executive director at the main office, but the treasurer takes a lead role in reviewing financial statements and ensuring all transactions meet the board’s standards. This includes being a signatory on MIPA’s financial accounts. Run for this position


MIPA’s board has three trustee positions. One of these seats is up for election this year. The bylaws state that trustees “shall be responsible for outreach and will work with the Second Vice President on helping advisers and schools who request such. Trustees will handle elections, on-site contests at the spring conference and take photos (or arrange to have them taken) of MIPA events, such as the spring conference.” Run for this position

If you’d like more information about the duties of the board, please call the MIPA office at 517-353-6761 or email us at [email protected].