MSU junior Jaimie Bozack is spending the 2017 fall semester as an intern for TBS late night show "Conan."

MSU junior Jaimie Bozack is spending the 2017 fall semester as an intern for TBS late night show “Conan.”

Growing up, her dream was to work for talk show host Conan O’Brien. Now, MIPA alumna Jaimie Bozack is living that dream in Los Angeles as an intern at O’Brien’s show, “Conan.”

When she got the call about the internship offer, Bozack said she had to accept it.

“Conan was an inspiration, helping me through tough stuff in school,” said Bozack, who worked on The Voice newspaper while a student at Lansing Everett High School. She attended Lansing Community College, where she was a staff member of The Lookout, before transferring to Michigan State University in 2016.

Bozack, helped run MIPA’s social media accounts and communication activities until August.

“When I got the position I knew I had to prepare everything and leave,” she said.

Bozack moved to Los Angeles in September. She plans to stay working for Conan at least until January.

Bozack works five days a week from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Besides going for coffee runs (and lunch runs, and dinner runs), Bozack also helps with the production of the show.

“I told myself ‘I’m doing this internship … and (I want) people to miss me,” Bozack said.

Bozack is a journalism major at MSU, but her relationship with journalism didn’t start as love at first sight.

She wanted to be a veterinarian. Then one day she watched an eye surgery on a cat and she passed out. She realized that she needed to do something else.

“It was one of those random things that I needed to take a random class and, (Everett newspaper adviser) Chad Sanders told me to take the (journalism) class,” Bozack said.

She immediately became involved with MIPA. She attended the MIPA Summer Journalism Workshop in 2013 and worked at the MIPA summer camp in 2014. Last fall, she accepted her “dream” position working at the MIPA office.

Her best MIPA memory? MIPA camp.

“It was inspiring to be around everyone who wanted to create something, that is really cool,” Bozack said.