Develop skills to be a leader in your newsroom and explore cutting edge concepts to take your student media outlet to the next level. Immerse yourself in one of these MIPA Summer Journalism Workshop courses for the week:



Yearbook Leadership – Instructor: Pam Bunka  |  Learn about MIPA’s instructors

  • Learn to coach writers and study content and design
  • Work with other staff members attending the workshop
  • Practice leadership & management skills
  • For anyone in an editor position on the yearbook staff



Best Theme Ever – Instructor: Ava Butzu  |  Learn about MIPA’s instructors

  • Create a theme for your yearbook or further develop your existing theme
  • Concentrate on cutting-edge writing and design trends
  • Explore content/procedural changes
  • Create alternative story forms
  • Explore ways to make your publication better
  • Recommendation: Staff members should take this together so they can collaborate
  • Advanced students only — must have above average design and writing skills



News Editors – Instructor: Dean Hume  |  Learn about MIPA’s instructors

  • Editors will be encouraged to work together to plan for next year
  • Enjoy the perfect opportunity to collaborate & plan your print or online publication
  • Learn to coach writers, determine content & refine design
  • For anyone who has an editor position on the newspaper staff



Design Like a Pro – Instructor: Rick Epps  |  Learn about MIPA’s instructors

  • For experienced designers and design editors who want to go to the next level and redesign their newspaper
  • Learn and apply advanced, contemporary design techniques. (80-90% of class time)
  • Create and organize pages that will attract readers
  • Must know InDesign
  • Must have a keen interest in design




Telling the Big Story – Instructors: C.E. Sikkenga  |  Learn about MIPA’s instructors

  • Explore how your staff can cover the issues that matter.
  • Learn cutting edge writing and design
  • Explore content, concepts & trends
  • Create alternative story forms
  • Explore ways to make your publication better
  • Should have a good working knowledge of InDesign
  • Recommendation: Staff members should take this together so they can collaborate
  • Advanced students only—must have above average design & writing skills



MIPA Summer Journalism Workshop

Broadcast Boot Camp – Instructor: Randy Scott, Roger Smith & Jeremy Whiting |  Learn about MIPA’s instructors

Work in front of the camera and the behind the scenes as you produce a daily news show for the MIPA Summer Journalism Workshop. You’ll gain on-the-job production skills to build story packages, develop an on-air presence and produce a TV broadcast.

  • Choose Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced track based on your experience
  • Produce a daily news show for MIPA workshop attendees
  • Learn how to use a camera to deliver basic news stories
  • Use proper lighting techniques, audio recording and tripods to make packages look professional
  • Record all aspects of a package, including interviews, b-roll, stand ups and voiceovers
  • Hone broadcast writing skills by writing copy for the spoken word
  • Practice personal presentation including on-air persona, stand-ups, live updates, etc.
  • Learn how to operate a switcher and professional broadcast equipment
  • Meet with real-world professionals to learn what it takes to navigate a broadcast studio and potential career



Website Boost Camp – Tracy Anderson  |  Learn about MIPA’s instructors

From the beginning steps of going online to redesigning your existing site, this class is what you need to take your online presence to the next level! Students will be broken into groups based on the needs of their student media outlets. Every student will have a chance to sit with a professional news Web designer from SNO who will help make their vision a reality. Students in the Boost Camp will be able to:

  • Work with a news Web professional to create or redesign their website
  • Examine digital reporting and news website trends
  • Explore ways to improve your work flow and make your website better
  • Create interactive content, including infographics, polls and timelines for your website
  • Integrate digital storytelling tools with your site, including video, blogs, podcasts, photo galleries and more
  • Use social media to tell stories and promote your work



The Upstart – Instructor: Jim Streisel  |  Learn about MIPA’s instructors

The Upstart is the official student media outlet of MIPA’s Summer Journalism Workshop. This elite group of student journalists covers the workshop and learns advanced journalism techniques. It’s a great experience for juniors, seniors and recent graduates looking to hone their skills, pick up some great clips and see what it’s like to live on a Big Ten college campus for five days.

  • Use advanced digital storytelling techniques
  • Get clips you can use for college, scholarship and internship applications
  • The Upstart is designed for students with journalism experience
  • Open to advanced students and recent graduates entering their freshman year of college

See work from last year’s Upstart staff