We’re super excited to have you join us at the MIPA Summer Journalism Workshop.

Please review the following information. It’s important. We will review some of it at faculty orientation, but we all know it’s always better when everyone does their homework.

About you

If you have not already done so, please complete the Faculty & Staff Information Form ASAP. We use this information for a variety of purposes, and it’s important that it is done well in advance of our program.

Background checks

All workshop employees must successfully complete an MSU criminal background check every year. Need to do yours? Go here.

The following types of convictions will normally render an individual ineligible to work or volunteer at a University youth program:

  • Drug distribution activity or felony drug possession
  • Sexual offenses
  • Crimes of violence involving physical injury to another person
  • Child abuse, molestation or other crimes involving child endangerment
  • Murder
  • Kidnapping
  • Any other felony or crime involving moral turpitude
  • Individuals who have unsupervised access to minors at a youth program may generally not be listed on any sex offender registry.

Child abuse, sexual assault and child pornography reporting guidelines

Michigan State University has developed policies for youth program operations and for the reporting of relationship violence and sexual assault. MIPA follows these policies.

In summary, if a student indicates in any way that he or she may have been involved in an assault or abuse situation, you must report it. If you are a teacher, you are legally required under Michigan law to report such situations (regardless of when or where assault or abuse may have occurred). The MIPA office is here to help you should such a situation arise. Contact Chad or Jeremy immediately. None of us (including you) are trained criminal investigators. It’s our job to report such a situation to professional investigators, who are trained to sort fact from fiction. Questions about these policies and your role as a workshop employee should be referred to Jeremy Steele.

The following resources and policies are designed to help you, particularly if you have never received training in these areas:

Classrooms, tech needs and classroom supplies

We make classroom assignments, create supply lists for students, provide supplies and technology, and make field trip arrangements based on what we know about each class. In other words, if we don’t know what you need well ahead of the workshop, we can’t provide it for you. When you complete the Faculty & Staff Information Form, tell us about your needs. Please note:

  • Most classes are placed in computer labs, but dibs go to classes that have specialized technical needs (design, photo, video, etc.).
  • By default, classes will not have printer access. Printer access (just turning the darn things on) is a huge cost in campus computer labs. We have no problem paying for this access if you actually need it, but we find very little printing happens these days in most classes. If you need your students to be able to print, please communicate that before the start of our program.
  • We will provide instructors a technology guide at orientation. It will include information on how to access computers, etc.
  • During MIPA week, we do not have access to copy machine for your handouts. We ask that you make copies of any handouts or packets before camp, and bring us a receipt. We will reimburse you for up to $50 worth of copies.
  • If you have classroom supply needs beyond copies, let Chad or Jeremy know before July 1. We typically don’t reimburse beyond copies, but may have access to materials you require. (We can typically order supplies through university purchasing for less than you could get them in an office supply store.)


  • Of note for the 2017 workshop:
    • If MIPA has not performed a driving record check on you, you may not drive a student anywhere for any reason. No exceptions. Contact Jeremy with questions.
    • A new university rule bans any youth program employee from being in a car alone with a minor student.
    • Be aware that a major construction project will be happening next door to Shaw Hall. We are working mitigate the disruption to our program.

We will provide you additional information as we get closer to the program. Thanks!