JRN 809, Section 732
Three credits or Non-Credit Workshop


Feb. 6–May 4, 2012

Bobby Hawthorne

The core of journalism is reporting and writing. The purpose of this course is to make you a better reporter and writer, which will allow you to be a better teacher of reporting and writing.  The class will focus on the following skills:

1. Narrative and descriptive writing
2. Literary non-fiction devices
3. Editing, proofing and coaching
4. Design and story packaging
5. Individual teaching methods

Grades will be determined by class involvement and weekly assignments

Course prerequisites:
Familiarity with basic journalistic skills and practices as well as InDesign fundamentals. This course is designed for persons teaching or planning to teach journalism and/or advise scholastic student newspapers or yearbooks.

The Radical Write, By Bobby Hawthorne
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To register for this course for credit, please go here: https://mipamsu.wufoo.com/forms/2012-spring-semester-adviser-courses/

To register for this course for no-credit, please contact Cheryl Pell at [email protected]

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