Thinking about a redesign or planning to design pages next year? Want to find ways to freshen up the look and feel of your paper? Get the information you need to make smart decisions and help your designs stand out for the right reasons. This course will cover:

  • Analyzing current newspaper trends
  • Using effective typography
  • Designing new standing pages and headlines
  • Creating smarter alternative story forms
  • Finding suitable art & photos

Bring copies of your paper and a sketch pad for ideas. (Note: this is a great class to take with multiple staff members to get a head start on planning the look of next year’s paper).

Instructor: CE Sikkenga

C.E. Sikkenga is in his 12th year advising The Bucs’ BladeGrand Haven High School’s award-winning student newspaper. A past president of MIPA and currently the organization’s newspaper chair, C.E. loves newspapers so much he’s willing to completely reinvent  them to keep them relevant for today’s readers. To this end, he teaches “Taking Your Newspaper to the Edge” at the MIPA Summer Workshop. He looks forward to sharing some of the ideas he’s learned from that class as well as his own experiences helping his staff totally rework and redesign a long-established and successful paper at his school.

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