one-day workshop


9:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.


  • Per person from a MIPA member school: $35
  • Per person from a non-MIPA school: $45
  • Per person for pizza lunch: $5
  • Parking fee per car: $5

Register by Feb. 10. (After Feb. 10, add $2 per person to the price.)

Advisers attend free if they bring five students!

Lunch is $5 per person and will include pizza, pop, chips and a cookie. If you want to bring your own lunch, that’s fine as well.

Register online!

The Classes


  • using tools
  • placing text and graphics
  • formatting text
  • importing photos
  • designing a basic page
  • using grids effectively
  • selecting type
  • using libraries and styles


  • toning photos for publication
  • sizing photos for resolution
  • organizing files
  • creating cutouts

WordPress Site Building
Students will learn how to build a WordPress site from the ground up.

  • finding a host
  • choosing a theme
  • embedding photos and videos
  • organizing your staff to create content

Yearbook Design Clinic

  • learning current yearbook trends
  • using effective typography
  • understanding mods
  • creating voice

Newspaper Design Clinic

  • analyzing current newspaper
  • using effective typography
  • designing new standing heads
  • creating alternative story forms
  • finding suitable art & photos

Building Next Year’s Staff*

  • recruiting good students for your publication staff
  • generating/updating a staff manual
  • working on redesigning or generating design templates
  • generating writing, design and photography ideas by using a portfolio assignment
  • selling advertising and canvasing the city over the summer

*Future editors and advisers should take this course in pairs or small groups

Lighting for Video

  • review the basics of three-point lighting
  • determining best approaches for indoor and outdoor lighting scenarios
  • setting up for an interview on deadline
  • differences between run-and-gun lighting vs. controlled environments with c-stands, gels, bounce lights, etc.