Power Advising

JRN 809, Section 730
Three credits or Non-Credit Workshop


June 20–July 15, 2011

Betsy Pollard Rau

If you are an experienced adviser—must have done more than sign the contract—and can answer yes to one of these statements, this class is for you.

1. You’ve done it for a year and you’ve forgotten half of those darned things they taught you in the beginning class. You’re just thrilled you survived and need a booster shot.
2. You’re a veteran, but you miss the stimulation of a college class and besides, you wouldn’t mind finding out what’s new.
3. You know all the things you want to do to improve your program, but don’t have the time to do it during the school year. You just need some time and some inspiration.
4. You’re beginning to fade. You figure Power Advising is a lot like a month at a spa. You might come out looking years younger, a lot more enthusiastic and actually ready for next year.

This rejuvenation program will begin with communication between you and the instructor (moi). What do you want to accomplish/learn? What are your weaknesses? What causes you the most stress? What expertise could you offer the class if you were asked?

After an initial communication, we will set up a tentative syllabus. It will probably include presentations, sharing, projects and a virtual field trip to the MSU Dairy Store.

Possible coverage includes:
Online researching, newspaper design, using InDesign, Photoshop tricks, teaching ideas, classroom management tips, lesson plans, legal stuff, writing for story, staff manual and policy, group problem solving, career unit planning, staff management, retirement plans.

We’ll base grades on forum participation and an independent project.

To register for this course for credit, please go here:  https://mipamsu.wufoo.com/forms/2011-adviser-courses/

Please be sure to check out other steps you might need to do before you are registered into the class on this page.