Elizabeth Cyr is an adviser for Stockbridge HS and is a trustee on the MIPA Board. She also teaches the “InDesign for Newspaper,” class during the Summer Workshop. Cyr talks about why you should send students to the camp and talks a little bit about what her class is all about.

Q: Can you describe your class ‘InDesign for Newspaper,’ a little bit for the people who might want to know more?

A: The class is designed for entry level InDesign students so students are supposed to come to the class not knowing anything about InDesign but they know that they are about to be an InDesigner on staff. But my goal is that students fall in love with design and feel super confident about their abilities.

Q: Why would you encourage students to come to the workshop if they are on the fence about if camp is for them?

A: They will learn some super important skills. They will learn some basic journalism skills that are taught by a host of highly qualified advisers, professors and teachers from around the country that they cant get anywhere else. It’s on one of the most beautiful campuses in the country and it’s in a setting that is truly embracing of a learning spirit. It is highly collaborative and students build a connection with many young journalist that students will keep in years to come.

Q: What is personally your favorite thing about the workshop?

A: I am inspired all of the time by the work that I see by these young journalists. They blow me away with their ideas and the way they see the world.

Q: Do you have a favorite non-class event that goes on at the workshop?

A: My favorite event is the talent show because those kids are remarkably talented and funny.