MIPA has a variety of summer programs to help teachers improve their skills and their media programs.

Journalism Teaching Course Scholarships

MIPA and the Michigan State University School of Journalism are proud to offer scholarships for scholastic journalism educators to take our online summer courses. These classes are approved as part of a program for teachers seeking to add a journalism teaching minor to their certification. There are several scholarships available. Learn more

BOMR Students Scholarships for the MIPA Summer Journalism Workshop

Sending students to the MIPA Summer Journalism Workshop at Michigan State University is one of the best ways to get a head start on a great year (and your students will have a blast!). Up to two full scholarships are available to two schools that are starting new student media programs or have new advisers. The BOMR scholarships are in honor of four of our favorite teachers: Bob Button, Gloria Olman, Larry Mack and Betsy Pollard Rau, all of whom have been inducted into the Michigan Journalism Hall of Fame. Learn more

MPA Teacher Internships

The journalism teacher summer internship program is designed to provide current journalism teachers in Michigan with experience in today’s newsroom so the teacher can share this knowledge with students and become a more effective journalism teacher/adviser. Internships will be either four or six weeks long, and upon completion of the 40-hour per week internship and submission of the personal evaluation, teachers will receive $1,500 (four weeks) or $2,000 (six weeks). Learn more