Why should I take one of these courses?

Our classes are created with you in mind. That’s where we start. We hire terrific instructors who have been where you’re at, know what you need and want to help you! We keep our classes small and we maintain a personal touch while giving you the convenience of an online class. We teach practical techniques, ideas and tips you can use the next day with your own students. So many people have told us that the classes they take through out program are the best classes they’ve ever taken.

How do I register?

We know you’re busy. So we’ve made registration as easy as possible. Just follow these four easy steps.

How much does it cost?

That depends on whether you take the class for college credit. Our summer 2017 rate is $425 for students who do NOT take the class for college credit. If you are taking a class for college credit at Michigan State University’s graduate lifelong education rate (which is how most teachers register), tuition and fees for 3-credit course would be $2,095.50 for a Michigan resident for summer 2017. You can view MSU’s tuition calculator here.

Are there scholarships?

Yes. MIPA and the School of Journalism offer scholarships for teachers enrolling in summer journalism education courses.

Can I get State Board Continuing Education Clock Hours?

Due to limited interest by our students, at this time, our online courses have not been approved for SCECHs. Please contact us if you have questions. You may, however, be able to use this class toward district professional development requirements. We would be happy to work with you to provide documentation accepted by your school district.

Can I take these classes as part of a journalism master’s degree program?

Yes. The MSU School of Journalism master’s degree program offers a concentration in Journalism Education. But you don’t have to be enrolled in a degree program to take these courses. You can also enroll as a lifelong education student. You may be able to apply some credits taken as a lifelong education student toward a master’s program at a later date. Consult an academic adviser.

What about books?

You can order most of the books you’ll need at the JEA Bookstore or Amazon before the class starts. Look at each class to see what books are required. Prices vary from course to course.

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