Troy HS yearbook and newspaper adviser Jayna Rumble recently became a mother to a little girl named Evelyn. Rumble returned to her job as a full-time newspaper and yearbook adviser and 9th grade english teacher a couple weeks ago. Below she gives advice and talks about her experiences as a full-time mother and teacher.

Q: What has it been like to play a role as a mom and then also be a teacher and keep it all together? 

A: Coming back to school was a lot harder than I anticipated that it would be this year after being on leave. It is going better now. I have been back for two weeks now and I am kind of back into the groove of things but the first few weeks I felt super overwhelmed trying to first and foremost be a mom back at home and still try to be that mom figure to all my students. It was really hard to have to leave my baby in the morning and then once I got here I was happy and I loved being around my students. I felt guilty loving being at school and also felt guilty for wanting to leave school so quickly at the end of the day, so it has been a weird time of adjustment for me. But now things have settled down…the biggest adjustment has been for them (the students) because they are so used to me being there all the time.

Q: Have you noticed a difference in your student’s work at all since things have been more hectic for you?

A: After we got over the first learning curve of just not having as much time after school the students have really risen to the occasion. They are really making sure they are using their time efficiently. When we do stay after school we are still having fun but there is definitely not that sense of relaxation I guess. The kids still have fun but we are not here for hours. They know that I can stay until 6 p.m. once a month and that is it so when they are talking to me they really are rising to the occasion. They are giving me better stuff and planning out their conversations with me better so that we can get more accomplished in less time.

Q: How is Evelyn? 

A: She is so good. She is going on five months now and she is just amazing. I knew that my life would change but this is crazy. It’s insane how much love I have for this little person. She is at the coolest age right now. She is looking at things and the world around her and interacting with things. She is totally developing this really awesome personality where she is just really spunky and goofy and outgoing and I love every single second that I have with her.

Q: What advice would you give to future parents?

A: The advice that I would give is some things that my colleagues and coworkers have given me and that is give yourself some slack. You aren’t going to be able to walk back into school and pick up where you left off. You have to cut yourself some slack and go a little bit easy on yourself. It is super hard to do this job and then when you add in being responsible for a whole other person it makes it exponentially more difficult. Take it one day at a time and remember it’s ok to feel sad if you wanna go home and if you’re at home it’s ok to want to go school.