Here’s a running list of speakers who have confirmed with us. We’ll add topics later. Check back often!

Special Guest: Linda Puntney, former JEA Executive Director

Shari Adwers

Tricia Bobeda

Jane Briggs-Bunting

Alexis Bunka

Tracy Burton

Lydia Cadena

Tom Campbell

Meagan Choi

Elizabeth Conley

Robbie Couch

Lorena Craighead

Dave Droski

Richard Epps

Letitia Fowler

Bob Gould

Gary Graff

Joe Grimm

Karl Gude

Kate Jacobson

John Johnson

Ike Lea

Jesse McLean

Walter Middlebrook

Patrick Morrow

Mary Lou Nagy

Jeff Nardone

Gloria Olman

Sara-Beth O’Connor

Kate Salvadore

Rod Satterthwaite

Randy Scott

C.E. Sikkenga

Stacy Smale

Sandra Strall

Lynn Strause

Alanna Thiede

Paula Turner

Jeremy Whiting

Brian Wilson

Geri Alumit Zeldes