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Yearbook Copy/Caption Writing

First: Lindsay Moore, Eisenhower HS
Second: Christopher Engelhardt, Berrien Springs HS
Third: Lauren Basham, Eisenhower HS
HM: Maggie Harnish, Traverse City East MS
HM: Mary Konieczny, Grand Blanc HS

Yearbook Student Life Layout

First: Anna Sterner & Katie Droope, Eisenhower HS
Second: Katie Stewart & Kristi Desness, Gull Lake HS
Third: Charlene Cuarto & Shaniece Michelle, Berrien Springs HS
HM: Kendra Benak & Rachele Oralle, Traverse City East MS

News Writing

First: Melanie Surdu, Eisenhower HS
Second: Jennifer Howell, Stevenson HS
Third: Sydney Spring, Jackson HS
HM: Alan Hunt, Renaissance HS
HM: Nida Ashraf, Stevenson HS
HM: Melissa Kwiatkowski, Utica HS

Feature Writing

First: Zach Shaw, Community HS
Second: Charnae Sanders, Communication Media Arts HS
Third: Nayla Sater, Lahser HS
HM: Taylor Sprague, Jackson HS
HM: Gabi Stone, Andover HS
HM: Megan Zoelling, Stevenson HS

Editorial Writing

First:  Leah Sheppard & Derek Wolfe, Andover H.S.
Second: Courtney Eathorne & Reilly Manz, Lahser HS
Third: Amelia Haba & Kayla Varicalli, Eisenhower
HM: Amalie Fleming & Emma Bearinger, Northwest HS
HM: Mikayla Ranking & Caitlin Kolevar, Jackson HS
HM: Garrett Nichols and Regina Gjonlleshaj, Stevenson HS

Feature Video

First: Derek Gartee, Davison HS
Second: Weston Cowan, Davison HS
Third: Andrew Benham, Ovid-Elsie HS
HM: Andrew Benham, Bryant Goodrich & Ben Payne, Ovid-Elsie HS
HM: Emma Simon & Taylor Weckstein, Traverse City East MS
HM: Brittney Antonelli, Waterford Kettering HS

News Video

First: Lake Orion (#2)
Second: Lake Orion (#1)
Third: Traverse City East MS (April 5)
HM: Traverse City East MS (Jan 13)

On-Site Video Creation

First: Jill Borowski, John Alex Pearsall, Ryan Marcus, South-West Washtenaw Consortium (Saline HS)
Second: Jacob Farah, Alex Cybert, Taybor Pepper, South-West Washtenaw Consortium (Saline HS)
Third: Madi Blackwell, South Lyon HS
Third: Rachel Brumley, Toni Cadena, Joey Cieslak, South Lyon HS
HM: Sydney Jackson, Paige Lawrence, Davonta Nathan-Miller, Communication Media Arts HS

Three-Week Video Challenge

First: Jonathan D’Ambrosio, Lake Orion HS
Second: Kelly Quackenbush, Alex Dawson, Sean Stevens, GASC Technology Center
Third: Jazmin Biernat, Rachel Livingway, Nick Naseef, Hayley Gilbertson, Lake Orion HS
HM: Laura Gonda, Claire McIntyre, Sofia Mendez, Lake Orion HS
HM: Scott Bommarito, Brian Bommarito, Thomas Wharton, Lake Orion HS

On-Site Photo Winners (Click to view photos!)
Photo—Student Life

First: Mara Stein, Andover HS
Sarah Spohn, Laingsburg HS
Third: Jasmiyne Hudson, Renaissance HS
HM: Brittany Roberts, Northwest HS
HM: Chelsea Brennan, Utica HS
HM: Kasey Ricketts, Northwest HS
HM: Christopher Holman, Stevenson HS

Photo—Sports (See the photos)

First: Courtney Evans, Grand Blanc HS
Brittany Roberts, Northwest HS
Katie Chalker, Laingsburg HS
HM: McKenna Raymond, Waterford Mott HS
James Coller, L’Anse Creuse HS North
Paige MacCready, Jackson HS

Special Projects

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