MIPA is looking for a dynamic individual to become our summer workshop director.

We plan to conduct interviews on campus at MSU or via video conference by mid-July and hope to select an exceptional candidate who can serve as assistant workshop director for the 2017 and 2018 events before taking over the program for 2019.

To apply (application deadline is July 1, 2017)

Email a digital application portfolio to search committee chair CE Sikkenga at [email protected] In the portfolio include the following:

  • An application letter detailing why you are interested in the job
  • A resume detailing your experience and qualifications working with scholastic journalism. (see job description below)
  • Professional references.


SALARY: The workshop director will start in 2019 with an annual base salary of $5,000 with raises and performance bonuses to be determined by the MIPA board. The contract is yearly, reviewable by the MIPA board. In 2017 and 2018, when the selected candidate is still serving as assistant director, he/she will receive a base salary of $1,200.

WORKSHOP DIRECTOR DUTIES: Organize and plan a summer workshop for about 400 students held on campus at Michigan State University. The workshop director reports to MIPA’s Executive Board and is responsible for all areas of the MIPA Summer Journalism Workshop, working closely with the Executive Director to ensure a quality program. Traditionally the workshop is a residential program held Sunday through Thursday during the first week of August. Key tasks include:

  • Attract and hire staff. (Typically contracts go out to staff in January or February)
  • Develop and oversee a budget for the workshop to be approved annually by MIPA’s Executive Board. The workshop is a business and produces approximately $150,000 in revenue each year. Bookkeeping is handled by MIPA’s executive director. The workshop director should maintain accurate financial records to help with this process. Major financial decisions also require approval of the MIPA Board.
  • Provide regular in-person and written updates to the MIPA board, including curricular and staff changes. The board typically meets one Saturday morning per month, on campus at MSU. The workshop director is accountable to the board and should present a financial report in person to the board in the fall (once all bills have been paid) and a budget for the coming year in person at a meeting early in the new calendar year.
  • Work with MIPA’s Executive Director and the university to secure facilities and plan workshop activities. This requires some trips to MSU.
  • Coordinate an annual “think tank” for the purpose of reviewing/revising workshop details with workshop faculty and board members. Typically this is held in September or October and involves 12-20 people.
  • The workshop director should be a member of the Journalism Education Association and attend an annual JEA/NSPA conference. The workshop pays for conference registration and travel costs for the workshop director. JEA/NSPA has a conference in November and one in April.
  • Supervise the development of promotional materials for the workshop, including a website and targeted print and/or digital marketing materials.
  • Attend the MIPA fall conference in mid-late October to promote the workshop to students and teachers.
  • Attend the MIPA spring conference in mid-late April. Present a strong promotion for the workshop that announces the workshop theme, introduces resources for scholarships, student fundraising, etc.


WORKSHOP ASSISTANT DIRECTOR DUTIES: When serving as assistant director in 2017 and 2018, the candidate will perform duties to be specified by the current workshop director and the board. These duties will be meant to help the candidate become familiar with the full scope of the position, while also contributing the the success of the workshop.


QUALIFICATIONS/DESIRED TRAITS: The MIPA Summer Workshop Director should possess the following qualities:

  • Current professional involvement with scholastic journalism.
  • Understanding of the key trends and issues in scholastic journalism.
  • Successful experience managing a large budget.
  • Promotional ability. The director needs to be able to sell the workshop to students and advisers throughout the state, region and nation.
  • Ability to attract and retain a high quality teaching staff for the workshop.
  • Availability to work with/shadow current workshop director Chad Sanders leading up to and following the 2017 workshop (July 30-Aug. 3) and work with him throughout next year as needed.

All MIPA workshop employees must undergo an annual criminal background check.


  • JANUARY: Attend board meeting, begin direct marketing to students and teachers
  • FEBRUARY: Attend MIPA board meeting, send out contracts to faculty/staff
  • MARCH/APRIL: Attend board meeting, deliver report to board, attend MIPA spring conference. JEA Spring Conference (if you choose to go).
  • MAY/JUNE: Attend MIPA board meeting. Planning. Working with MIPA office as registrations come in. Potentially reassigning (cutting or hiring more) staff depending on enrollment levels.
  • JULY: Heavy duty planning and finalizing staff (changes to projected enrollment can mean some last-minute reshuffling).
  • AUGUST: Run the workshop, begin preparing final financial data.
  • SEPTEMBER: MIPA board meeting, finalize financial data. Send out invites to think tank.
  • OCTOBER:  “Emcee” think tank. Compile data/ideas from think tank. Attend MIPA Board meeting. Present final financial data to board. (Essentially, the board would like to know: How much money did the workshop spend this year? How much money did we take in this year? We’d also like to hear any feedback on what went well, suggested changes, any issues etc.) Promote workshop at MIPA Fall Conference.
  • NOVEMBER: JEA Fall Conference, MIPA board meeting (if scheduled)
  • DECEMBER: MIPA board meeting, develop workshop website and marketing materials


If you have any questions, please contact search committee chairman CE Sikkenga at [email protected]