Now is the time to put next year’s staff together. Get a head start on next year by learning about these topics:

  • Recruiting good students for your publication staff
  • Generating/updating a staff manual
  • Using portfolios for semester exams or for generating writing, design and photography ideas over the summer
  • Selling advertising and canvasing the city over the summer
  • Planning a first day publication
  • Using Storify and other tech. tools to generate interest in social media accounts for your publication
  • Justifying to administrators and curriculum directors how journalism meets Common Core state standards
  • Lesson planning for the last few weeks of school after seniors leave
  • *Advisers and future editors should consider taking this course in pairs or small groups and should bring laptops, if possible.

Instructors: Julia and Rod Satterthwaite

Julia Satterthwaite is the president of MIPA and the adviser of the Spartan-winning publication, The Talon, at Rochester High School. She has eight years of newspaper advising under her belt. In her spare time, Julia likes to sing, hang out with her adorable sons, 22-month-old Micah and 7-month-old Jonah, and bust kids who are snapchatting during class.

Rod Satterthwaite is MIPA’s special projects chair and adviser of the Pacemaker/Gold Crown/Spartan-winning publication, The Squall, at Dexter High School. He has advised newspaper for 19 years. Rod also has 14 years of yearbook and four years of video experience. In his spare time, Rod likes to play the bass, brew beer and say “Yolo” often. Rod was recognized as one of four Distinguished Advisers by Dow Jones News Fund last year.

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