Why do you charge a member rate and a non-member rate for MIPA events?

MIPA members pay annual dues to help fund our nonprofit organization’s operations. Discounted rates for members is one way we can say thank you for that support and provide direct value back to our membership.

How do I figure out if my school and student media outlets are members of MIPA?

Check out our membership list. We update it weekly.

Can I register for a MIPA event on site the day of the activity?

In most cases you can register on site, as long as the program isn’t at capacity. But MIPA does charge an added fee for on-site registrations. Check the registration information for a specific program for details.

Why does MIPA charge an extra fee for registrations that are not paid in full before a conference? As long as I complete the registration form ahead of time, what’s the difference if I pay when I arrive at the event?

While MIPA can accept payment on site at an event, it substantially slows down the check-in process. While that may not be a big deal at a small event, MIPA hosts about 2,000 students and teachers at the Fall Conference and nearly 1,500 at our Spring Awards event. That’s a lot of people to get checked in quickly so that they can make the first sessions at these events! The less money we handle the day of an event, the more smoothly check-in tends to go.

Getting payment ahead of time also helps us hold down costs. We have to place orders for facilities, equipment and food well ahead of our event. We don’t like to order extra that could go to waste, and we need to be able to pay our bills quickly.

Is my registration complete as soon as I submit the registration form or mail in the paperwork?

Not necessarily. Your registration for a MIPA event is not complete until payment is received. Some programs, such as the Summer Journalism Workshop, require a deposit to hold your spot, while others require payment in full to secure your registration.

My school requires a purchase order and/or invoice in order for me to attend a MIPA activity. Can you do that?

Yes, we can. Just make sure to plan ahead so that you have time to get all of that processed and your registration completed before an event. A completed purchase order that has been given final approval by your business office is as good as cash. Once we receive that completed purchase order, your registration is complete.

What types of payment does MIPA accept?

MIPA accepts cash, checks and credit card payments for our activities. We also can take a purchase order from your school (a completed purchase order that has been approved by your business office is as good as cash). We use PayPal to process online payments via credit card. You can make a payment online with a credit card at http://mipamsu.org/payment. We can also accept a credit card payment in person, but we cannot take a credit card for payment via phone.

I didn’t pay at the time I completed the event registration form. Do I have to complete the registration form again to make a payment?

No. You can make a payment with a credit card at any time at www.mipamsu.org/payment.

What is your cancellation/refund policy?

Cancellations must be received by the posted deadline for an event to receive a refund. People who register, do not cancel and do not appear at an event will not receive a refund. Students who are sent home early for any reason will not receive a refund.

Do students need to have a chaperone?

Yes, students must be under the supervision of their teacher and/or other school-approved chaperones to attend MIPA programs during the school year (including the Fall Conference, One Day Workshop, Spring Awards and similar events). Chaperones should remain on site for the duration of the event to provide supervision of the students in their care. Chaperones who participate in event programming should pay a registration fee. Aids who provide assistance to a student with a disability or special need do not need to pay the registration fee.

Please see our Conference, Workshop & Event Policies for additional information