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Spartan Yearbook Information

MIPA will ship your yearbook to an out-of-state judge who will evaluate it against the standards provided by the MIPA Spartan critique booklet. Participating media outlets receive a Bronze, Silver, Gold or Spartan Award — MIPA’s highest honor — based on how well they meet MIPA’s student media standards. Winners of the Spartan Award will be recognized at MIPA’s awards ceremony in April.

Judges also recognize all yearbook critique entries with a Commendation to one of the six critique categories outlined in MIPA’s critique booklet. This often is the top-scoring category, but may be another category the judge deems worthy of praise for students’ effort.

The critique booklet with judge’s comments will be emailed to you once it is received in the MIPA office. Yearbooks are only returned if annotated or if a postage-paid (no stamps allowed), self-addressed mailer is included with the entry. Contact the MIPA office if you have any questions. Please read the entry materials for other requirements.

A note about contests

MIPA strongly encourages administrators, students and teachers to participate in a range of competitions to evaluate how well a student media outlet meets course objectives and professional standards. Judging in any single contest or rating service is a subjective process, and each has slightly different rules, deadlines and entry criteria. Each critique you receive can be an important educational tool for the classroom, but no single contest can provide a complete assessment of the quality of a program. That’s why MIPA strongly discourages the use of our contests and critiques, regardless of the outcome of that contest or critique, in teacher evaluations.

Postmark Deadlines:

Spring Delivery Yearbooks:

  • Spring Yearbook Spartan Deadline: July 16, 2018
  • Spring Yearbook Spartan Late Deadline: Aug. 15, 2018*

Fall Delivery Yearbooks:

  • Fall Yearbook Spartan Deadline: Nov. 15, 2018
  • Fall Yearbook Spartan Late Deadline: Dec. 17, 2018*

*Add $40 late fee. Yearbooks postmarked after the late deadline are not eligible for award rankings.

Entry Forms

MIPA Yearbook Standards Booklet

Like all forms media, yearbooks evolve to reflect modern communication trends. MIPA encourages staffs to experiment with story formats, photography, design and book organization to reflect what they see in professional media, challenging tradition as they seek to meet the needs of their audiences. We do not encourage the production of formula books.

At the same time, we must uphold high standards. Ethical principles in journalism such as fairness, inclusiveness and accuracy and standards of our craft such as grammar, composition, color theory, etc., hold steady.

We have taken this delicate balance into consideration in designing our critique standards.

General Directions

  1. You must send in your 2018 yearbook along with the entry form.
  2. Include a memo to the judge detailing any special school situations, concerns or problems with this yearbook’s production.
  3. The entry fee is $45. Please make check payable to MIPA or pay online. If you are paying for several items – including membership dues or individual contest entries – with the same check, please include an itemized list of those payments.
  4. For an additional fee of $45, the judge will annotate your yearbook for you. That means the judge will write in the yearbook as well as fill out the critique booklet.
  5. You may turn in your yearbook up to one-month late (see deadlines above) for an additional $40, but late entries will result in delays in getting your critique back from the judge. Yearbooks received after the late deadline will receive a critique, but are not eligible for award rankings.
  6. You may ship your Spartan entry in the same package as mail-in individual contest entries. However, please separate those contests in clearly labeled envelopes within your package. (Please note: You must send two copies of your book if you are entering both contests – one for the critique and one for the individual category contest.)
  7. We encourage you to get a tracking number when you ship your book to MIPA (and keep it in a safe place). This will help you confirm delivery and help all of us if your package gets lost or damaged during shipping. (This is rare, but does happen!) Send entries, fee and form to:

MIPA—Spartan Critique
MSU School of Journalism
404 Wilson Road, Room 305
East Lansing, MI 48824