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Yearbook Take-Home Contest: MIPA Spring Conference Spread

  • Teams must have pre-registered using the Spring Conference registration form or registered on-site at the Spring Conference to participate in this contest.
  • View detailed instructions for this and other on-site yearbook contests
  • Submit your entry using the below form by 11 p.m. April 17, 2013. The form will shut down and will not be visible past the deadline.
  • Entry must be submitted in PDF format. Any entries not submitted in PDF format will be disqualified.
  • Files must be no more than 10 MB in size.
  • Winning entries become the property of MIPA and may be published by MIPA.
  • If the adviser does not receive a confirmation email, the entry was not properly submitted. See above instructions and try again.
  • Contact the MIPA office with questions at 517-353-6761 or [email protected]