Current Contests for 2012: Deadline Feb. 17, 2012

Judging Criteria

Listed below are the criteria (not registration forms) the judges follow for the individual Newspaper, Yearbook and Video contests, along with the evaluation tools for the Spartan Newspaper, Yearbook, Video and Web contests.

We put these up here so that you can refer to them for educational purposes and as you are preparing entries. These are up here at all times.


Individual or Spartan


Individual or Spartan


Individual or Spartan


Individual or Spartan


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MIPA Hall of Fame

MIPA Hall of Fame

A publication must earn nine Spartans in a 10-year span to be inducted into the prestigious MIPA Hall of Fame. See a list of publications that have earned this honor.

Sign Up to Help Judge

Join us on March 5, 2011, at MSU to help judge. It’s fun. go fill out the online form to let us know you want to help. See who else is going to help with judging on March 5.

Sometimes We Make Mistakes Too

If there are errors on your certificates, please send us via e-mail the correct name of the student, school, category, division and what place she/he won.


From time to time, advisers and staffs want to get their yearbook, newspaper or video program re-evaluated for the Spartan contest. Please click here for more information.