A time-honored tradition

MIPA was founded in 1921 in the metropolitan Detroit area to organize “students dedicated to the improvement of communication through better school publications.”

  • The first meeting of 100 editors was sponsored by Sigma Delta Chi at the University of Michigan. By 1950 approximately 1,200 student journalists represented more than 100 schools at the annual convention.
  • After 50 years of success, MIPA sponsorship moved to Central Michigan University.
  • In the fall of 1982, MIPA moved to the Michigan State University School of Journalism.
  • In 1987, MSU and MIPA hired a full-time director to work for the betterment of the organization.
  • Also in 1987 MIPA began to sponsor a Fall Conference in addition to its Spring Conference for high school students and their advisers. In the fall of 1991, more than 1,800 attended this one-day event.
  • Membership continues to grow. In 1985-86, 96 schools belonged to MIPA. In 1989-90, 176 schools joined the organization. In 1997-98, 220 schools belong to the organization.

Continuing to grow

Proud of our traditions, MIPA remains committed to the ideals that have built a reputation of strong support for scholastic journalism in the state. We provide opportunities for journalism teachers, advisers and students to exchange ideas. MIPA facilitates and then disseminates those ideas.

In addition, we encourage the professional growth of teachers and advisers, and we act as spokesperson for matters of educational curriculum and instruction that will affect the status of academic journalism in Michigan.

MIPA encourages respect for freedom of the press and assists in making sure members get professional legal advice concerning student press and the law.